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High Performance Sports Fabrics Division

Manager of CoolCore Australia High Performance Sports Fabrics Division
David Lambasa Background & Vision

David, Manager of CoolCore Fabrics Australia, grew up living and playing sports in Perth Western Australia, one of the hottest and driest cities on earth. With the heat and the very high UV levels, the importance of proper sun protection and trying to keep cool outdoors, like many other places, is thus paramount.
After obtaining his Management Degree, David left Perth and spent 20 years living and working overseas and consulting in the sports & sports marketing fields.
“I have always loved sports and with my background in the industry I’m a big advocate of incorporating proven advances in sports science into new product design. Brands offering real genuine innovation & cutting edge tech must be one of the simplest ways to differentiate in what is a highly competitive market.”
David comes to CoolCore after an almost decade long search to firstly find and then partner with a fabrics company who could finally show provable scientific evidence to back and support their cooling fabric technology claims.
“Keeping players as cool as possible out on a sports field has been a bit of a holy grail search for me. I can’t count the amount of fabrics I have researched and tested myself over the last decade which “claimed” so called cooling powers...but were backed by little or no independent scientific testing. Market success should be driven by customers actually feeling the real benefits of product advances.
Consumers have been saturated by 'marketing hype' and are now instead wanting scientifically provable benefits.  CoolCore is the first company I have seen back their leading edge technologies with truly scientific & independent testing. These test results come from the Hohenstein Institute in Germany which is probably the world’s most prestigious and highly regarded fabric testing institute.
I love innovation and my personal holy grail in sports apparel was to finally find and offer all sports a fabric and technology which would truly help keep players as cool as possible. Sports scientists around the world are increasingly striving to cool their elite athletes to achieve higher performance outcomes. CoolCore powered fabrics are the world’s leading proprietary cooling fabrics, with clear benefits to elite high performance athletes.
As the Australian CoolCore Fabrics Division, it is our absolute aim and goal to ensure we bring this cooling technology into the wider sporting & outdoor activity community. We want not only sports people but also those who work outdoors or love being outdoors to experience the real and proven CoolCore Fabrics advantage.
Another goal and task for all sports is to actually grow their base and improve their participation at all ages but especially at the junior level. This should include ensuring that the apparel worn by sportspeople also has suitable UV sun protection as well.
"Summer sports like cricket and others need to grow their participation base so helping to keep young boys and girls playing our game as cool and as happy as possible out in the hot summer sun is something that we as an industry should have been striving for long ago.
CoolCore will pave the way for both established and new apparel brands to utilise what are the best cooling fabrics on the market in sports where keeping athletes cool is paramount.
The proven cooling advances of our CoolCore fabric s are truly astounding and certainly from my perspective, CoolCore will be at the forefront of a cooling revolution in sports led by consumers and sports people at all levels who will clearly see and feel the cooling benefits. Importantly CoolCore is proud of its fabrics achieving certified high UPF sun protection ratings across its range as well.
CoolCore Australia's Sports Fabrics division will now be seeking partnerships and synergies with companies who share CoolCore’s vision and drive for growth & success. A lot of incredible research & development has been done by some fantastic people at CoolCore and its time for brands, consumers and sportspeople to share in this cooling revolution.

CoolCore Fabrics & Curtin University Collaboration
As part of Coolcore’s vision to revolutionise the sports & outdoor apparel industry, an exciting synergy and collaboration with the School of Art & Design at Curtin University and Coolcore was established. The goal here is to eventually found a formal “High Performance Sports Fabric Testing Institute” to put Australia and CoolCore at the very forefront of the global sports apparel industry. Based in Perth this institute will be an ideal location to scientifically test garments and apparel in a hot and harsh local environs.
The CoolCore & Curtin collaboration started in early 2016 with the implementation a formal testing program of a wide range of the CoolCore fabrics.
Led by Dr Anne Farren from Curtin University, this CoolCore program also has a big focus on industry involvement as well with a number of sports brands already utilising and leveraging off the results and testing being carried out. Dr Farren, her department and the students have been thoroughly engaged and excited by this collaboration.
“It has been a really dynamic and exciting program for both our students & Curtin to become involved with. Working and having complete access to these high performance cooling and wicking fabrics has been sensational for our students as has their exposure to dealing with actual sports industry brands. Though we are in a research & educational setting, nothing can beat actual industry experience being blended into a formal teaching program.”
With the high rate of skin cancer in Australia, the Cancer Council of WA is also keen to see the results of this Curtin collaboration with some of the students’ designs and garments using CoolCore fabrics for their range of Cancer Council Sun Smart outfits.
CoolCore welcomes contact from the sports and outdoor apparel industry to grow their brands and to be a part of this high tech completely chemical free cooling revolution.




For collaborations or fabric inquiries, please email us at info@coolcore.com.au and attention David.